Let’s go to the Blog Hop

The lovely Amanda from Sew Deputy got in touch with me the other day and asked if I would want to be nominated for the old Blog Hop which has been doing the rounds of the Sewing blogs for the last few weeks.

Amanda mentioned in her post that she and I “grew up together” in blogland and last year cheering each other on as we both over ambitiously launched into making trench coats. Mine is still the most advanced item I have made – but Amanda has just made her second… 

(my first and so far only trench coat)

Although this blog has lain largely dormant for the last few months, I had mentioned to Amanda the other week that I was beginning to feel the desire to get back into both sewing and rambling on about sewing – so jumping aboard this blog hop seemed a good way to kickstart that. So here we go…

What are you working on at the moment?

I am sorry to say that I am not actively working on anything at the moment. Unless you count UFOs in which case there is a cotton print Anna dress (tried to make alterations on the fly and it has gone a bit funny around the waist seam), a green Gabriola skirt (really a muslin, in unsuitable fabric – just not feeling it), a grey Elizalex (put on a bit of tummy weight since I started), a cream something or other from the Colette book (started so long ago I can’t remember the pattern name).

I am definitely going to start something new this week. I have finally got myself and my sewing space into a state where I can see myself being productive and even, dare I hope, creative…

Poppy and Jan

How does your writing process work?

I think calling it a process is a bit grand, really. I just sit and write. Sometimes it spews out of me in a reasonably coherent manner. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I have to keep deleting and starting again. Sometimes I don’t. I don’t feel that I am qualified to be giving anybody sewing advice or posting tutorials, so I don’t have to worry about getting any technical details right. And as I am not offering up any great sewing insights I am really just here to have a bit of a chat with you. So I sit and I type – editing a bit as I go. And then I will always read it through when I have finished, at which point I will usually make some tweaks, if things are not as clear (or grammatically sound) as they could be. (Then I will usually spot a typo when I hit publish).

The reason I do the whole blogging thing is something I have sort of addressed before, but I don’t know if that post really covered it properly (and I can’t be bothered to go back and read it myself, so let me know if I say anything good). I am certainly not in the I write because I must… camp – I think if that were the case I would probably have managed that novel we apparently all have in us by now. As I mentioned above it is also not because I feel I have great stitchin’ skills I must share with you all. It is mainly about the engagement with other sewers. And it gives me somewhere I can show friends and family what I have been making (without having to actually, like, wear it in public…). And I do really enjoy writing – and there is a little narcissist in me that enjoys the fact that literally tens of people will read what I have writ.

Anyway – some of the blog hop posts I have seen have had more questions, but Amanda only had the two, so I feel I can call it a day there. And, I kind of managed to sneak in an answer to the “why do you do what you do” question without even being asked it!

So my last task is to nominate a couple of blogs to go next:

I’m going to go with Lady Sewalot, as Lauren is really cute and her enthusiasm is a tonic to a jaded old witch like myself, and Clarinda Kaleidoscope, which is a fairly new blog I only found this morning (via Handmade Jane’s OWOP winners), but which I really enjoyed reading.

(Now, I do enjoy reading what others have written in these blog hops, and I do like discovering new blogs through people’s recommendations, but I do NOT like the chain letter side of the whole thing, so my nominees – please feel free to not take up this blog hop baton, if it is not your thing!)

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5 Responses to Let’s go to the Blog Hop

  1. Amanda says:

    Hehe back on the band wagon !!

  2. I am really excited to have been nominated – Thank you! I am new to sewing and to blogging (hence why I still haven’t got any icons in my sidebar but I’m working on it) and really feel quite humble. I accept your challenge and will take a couple of days to ponder some suitable nonsense.

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