TMS sew stretchy take 2

As my Hemlock tee was such a simple make, I thought I would try my hand at a second knit top this month.

I’ve had a couple of the Drape Drape books for a while now, so I decided to give the popular pattern no 4 from Drape Drape 2 a go. There are so many great versions of this top out there and mine was also successful… up to a point.

The thing is, I am not built to Japanese pattern proportions and I knew that even the largest size be pushing it. However, the shape of the pattern was so different to anything I was familiar with that I did not feel confident about trying to grade it up.

I will spare you all pictures of it on me, as it definitely looks much better on my dressform than stretched over my wobbly bits like a silver-grey sausage skin.

I added a hem band for extra length. I hope it will fit me one day...

I added a wide hem band for extra length, as even if it were not too tight it would still be too short 

I do love this top. I just don’t love this version of this top on my body.

It did turn out to be another really quick and easy make, and now that I have seen how it all goes together I don’t think that grading would be at all difficult. For some reason, though, looking at the flat pattern piece beforehand I just could not quite see how it was all going to work.

Unfortunately this was the only suitable piece of jersey I had in my stash, so I have been compelled to order some more fabric to see if I can successfully grade up… and as I was ordering I had to make the order large enough for free postage…

(So, yeah… about that stash diet pledge I made earlier in the year… nothing was legally binding was it??)

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3 Responses to TMS sew stretchy take 2

  1. macinic says:

    Definitely not legally binding 😉 I love seeing these everywhere! Sew Brunswick graded hers up here:

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