TMS Sew Stretchy – a super slouchy hemlock tee

It seems I only get around to making /posting makes for the Monthly Stitch at the moment – and this month the challenge was to sew with knits.


I started by making a super slouchy version of the (free!) Hemlock Tee by Grainline patterns.

Slouchy Hemlock 1f

I really must get around to doing the garden

The pattern is designed to be a slouchy, loose fit tee anyway, but it only comes in one size and as I wanted to ensure a good amount of wearing ease I added 4cm to both the front and back pieces and 3cm to the length.

This really is a super simple make. I serged all the seams and hemmed bottom and cuffs with a twin needle and it probably took me about 3 hours in total. 1 hour of which was printing, sticking together and tracing the PDF and one hour working out why my serger was not working.

Slouchy Hemlock 2a

I think I must have been channeling Marcel Marceau

The fabric is a thin, super stretchy, super drapey jersey that I think I bought off that ebay. It was left over from the breton top I made last year.

Although collar bands should generally be cut on the crosswise grain I had to cut this on the lengthwise grain, as I had used up pretty much all of my fabric and this was the only long enough bit I had left. The fabric has enough lengthwise stretch for that not to matter but I would have preferred not to have that vertical (ish) stripe framing my face.

Slouchy Hemlock 2c

I am the stripe matching Champion!

So, now I have the pattern cut out AND a functional overlocker I should be able to knock these out in about an hour – and I probably will as you know it’s going to get more wear than any of the pretty frocks I make!

Slouchy Hemlock 1b

Bad Hair Day, Bad Face Day, Bad Weather Day… I really must put aside some time for better blog photos!

As this is such an easy make I have attempted a couple more knit fabric projects this month, but in the interest of (semi) brevity I will save them for another day.

Ooh – while you’re still here, though, do you remember I said that the Wicked Stepdaughter wanted an Obi Wan costume for the last day of school? Turns out it was more a “general Jedi” top she needed, as Obi (that’s Mr Kenobi to you) wears cream and it had to go with her black jeans (honestly – that girl loves a bit of cosplay, but she does like to keep her skinnies as a base).

Last Thursday I set to, and this is what I managed to come up with:

Can't get the girl to model it, as being a slim, beautiful 18 year old she is terribly camera shy(!?)

Can’t get the girl to model it, as being a slim, beautiful 18 year old she is terribly camera shy(!?)

(Ignore the scythe in the corner – that is left over from the Halloween before last)

The only suitable fabric I had was a slightly stretchy bouclé knit that I think I got from Minerva Crafts last year sometime. The pattern was the work of my fevered brain and the sleeve heads are a thing of beauty. So there you go – that is sewn from knit fabric, too. (and will double as a dressing gown!)



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6 Responses to TMS Sew Stretchy – a super slouchy hemlock tee

  1. Amanda says:

    I love these! I have a secret obsession with Star Wars! Now, a dressing gown…….!?!?

  2. oh, but those stripes at the neckline in the crossing direction makes the shirt special! I really liked that part

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