Double duty sewing double

2014_04_badge1The April challenge for the Monthly Stitch was Sewing Double. The idea was to revisit a pattern you’d already made – maybe change it up a bit – or make 2 versions of the same pattern. I did a bit of both.

Sewing Double 1 The bodice of this dress is the perennially popular Elisalex from By Hand London, which I have made twice before here and here.

Another challenge running in April was Sew Dolly Clackett. I am sure you all know what that was about (and if you don’t just click on the link!). Roisin is rightly famous in our small corner of the world for mixing up her patterns and she does love to add a full skirt to her BHL bodices. In true Dolly Clackett spirit I dug out New Look 6223 and used the pleated skirt for these 2 frocks.

Sewing Double 2

Roisin’s signature style also relies heavily on whimsical prints; however I did not think I would ever wear a Cowgirl dress, and using an Eiffel Tower print would just feel too much like a complete copycat, so I looked for something a little more subtle, but still in the same arena of whimsy.

Beach huts Elisalex mashupThis cute little house print I found on ebay seemed to fit the bill, so I ordered me some yardage and got to sewing. From a distance the houses look like little beach huts, but close up they have lights and curtains and clocks on the wall, so let’s go with cottages.

Beach_huts_Elisalex_mashup11Not much to say about the construction. I love the Elisalex bodice and it always goes together easily. The bottom half is a no brainer pleated skirt, to which I added side seam pockets.

For my second make I chose this striped fabric from the same ebay vendor.

If_Dolly_Did_Stripes1Roisin doesn’t really use stripes so much, but if she did I’d like to think that she might chose something like this – so this is my “If Dolly did Stripes” dress.

I matched my stripes like a boss on the centre back seam (though nowhere else).

If Dolly Did Stripes2

Sadly I neither under stitched my lining nor topstitched my bodice, so my lining seems to be making an appearance in these pics…

I missed the deadline for both the Monthly Stitch and Sew Dolly Clackett. Annoyingly, I actually had both of the frocks sewn up in time, but I just haven’t got around to photographing and posting until today. As I said in my last post – sometimes there are bigger things in life than keeping your blog up to date!

Sewing Double 3

However, as today is the day Roisin marries Nic – the event for which Sew Dolly Clackett was conceived – it seems mine is a strangely timely tardiness. (I think I am right about the date – it’s certainly around now).

Anyway – that’s me done for now. Thanks to the wicked stepdaughter for the hurried pre-school photoshoot (that’s “before she goes to school” rather than “pre-school”). I think she’s hoping to be paid in kind with an Obi Wan Kenobi costume by next Friday. Where did I put that old bedspread?


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11 Responses to Double duty sewing double

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  2. I love how you let sthe stripes go in different directions! Nice!

  3. Though I love your….I was going to say birdhouse patterned dress, but I will go with your cottages dress, it’s lovely, but the striped one is even more AWESOME….that stripe matching on the back is wonderful and I love that you’ve cut the side panels on the bias. The lining appearing is obviously just a feature you meant to happen to look like edged piping 😉

    • rachsews says:

      Thanks, Tempest. I’d been thinking about a multi directional striped frock for a while and it is one of those things that turned out exactly as I imagined! Will definitely choose to own the peek of lining as a feature.

  4. That bodice really suits you and those stripes. This is making me want to go fabric shopping right now. Really lovely dresses.

  5. nx44 says:

    Like everyone else I think you’ve done a great job with the striped dress. And the other one too.. but it’s just that stripes can be difficult! I recently tried to make a striped dress but the darts messed up the lines and it just looked wrong.. it takes a bit of forethought to figure out how to match them over our curvy bodies! The way you have done the side panels is really good though, and your stripe-matching over the zip is fab.

    • rachsews says:

      Thank you Naomi. The trouble with stripes on a princess seamed bodice like this, where you have to ease one seam into another is that the stripes will only ever match at one point! I did try to make that point the fairly obvious dark stripe in the middle of the front piece, but ended up a little out!

  6. nishi says:

    I love the houses dress! The stripes look great too! I think you must have so much patience to have lined them up perfectly!

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