Hello and an award

I know that I am not the only one who feels an overwhelming urge to apologise for not having posted for a while, but why do we have that urge? This is not my job – nobody is relying on or expecting a post from me and nothing untoward has happened as a result of me not sharing my ramblings for a few weeks. Sometimes life gets in the way of sewing and blogging and I don’t think anyone should feel the need to apologise or make excuses for that. HOWEVER, I do feel the need to apologise for having been a bit rude recently…
Unless this is the only sewing blog you ever read* you will probably have seen the Liebster Awards doing the rounds the last month or two.


*Obviously this is not the only sewing blog you ever read – that is a ridiculous idea – unless you happen to be one of my oldest friends with no interest in sewing beyond what I am up to (and the odd episode of TGBSB), in which case you might not be familiar with the Liebsters. I have seen so many variations on the rules, but in a nutshell:

  • awarded to bloggers by other bloggers
  • awarded to bloggers with fewer than 100 (or 200, or 500) followers
  • nominees answer the 10 (or 11, or 12) questions put to them
  • nominees nominate 10 (or 5, or 3, or 11) other blogs with fewer than 100 (or 500) followers
  • nominees ask their own 10 (or 11, or 12) questions of the bloggers they have nominated
  • nominees give 10 (or 11, or 6) facts about themselves

It’s a great way of spreading the word about blogs you like, but it has been around for a while, so there is some variance in the ‘rules’ (I think 11 is actually the official number for all of the lists above, but I’m not sure) – and when it does do the rounds a lot of the same blogs seem to come up on a lot of lists. It also has a bit of a reputation as the chain mail of awards, but I don’t think anyone has ever actually been threatened with a curse if they don’t continue the chain.

That said, I am honoured and a bit chuffed to have been awarded multiple Liebsters in the last couple of months. I think my first nomination was from Kathy at The Nerdy Seamstress. I love Kathy’s blog, as she churns out beautiful dresses and her posts are upbeat and fun You can see her Emery collection here). This was followed by nominations from Jennifer at My Sewing Suite, who always looks enviably put together with her (often) vintage inspired makes; Beth at Nishiink, who is just adorable and makes such cute garments (Whales, deer, SPACEMEN!) and Nicole at the Somnolent Dachshund – a bit of a fashion butterfly with a great mix of vintage and modern makes (I love her Koi mini Moss).

Anyhoo – if I add up everybody’s questions it comes to 38 and I am not going to subject you (or me!) to that, so I will go with Kathy’s questions, seeing as she was my first nominatrix!

1. What interesting fact about yourself that you want people to know? 
Gaagh! I am so dull, I can’t think of anything notable about myself. I’d make something up, but there are people reading who would call me on it, so… I once drove the whole of Route 66 as part of my job.

2. Why did you take up sewing?
I can’t really remember! I just remember that one day I found myself looking for a free dress pattern online and I found Burdastyle and that was the beginning of an obsession. (I might have wanted to re-create something from the Toast catalogue… the first thing I made was a very Toast-esque corduroy tunic)

3. Other than sewing, if time weren’t a concern, how would you spend your day?
Reading and watching cookery programmes and generally being very lazy. Or travelling the world, meeting new people and generally being very active. Depends on my mood, and if money is a concern!

4. What have you learned most from maintaining a blog?
That I don’t half waffle on

5. What other artistic/crafty things do you like to do?
I do like to bake, but I don’t like my kitchen, so don’t do it very much.

6. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
Easy one – walking! I wish it were gardening, I really do. I’d love to want to garden, but it really is something I get around to when I have run out of excuses!

7. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? 
I’d love to say I would do something grand, but truth is I would probably be selfish and prudent with most of it (pay off mortgage and invest for retirement). I would do something fun with my girlfriends first, though – a trip to New York or some such.

8. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
My entire childhood is pretty much one big happy memory. I had the best time growing up with two brothers I mostly got along with and the best parents I could hope for.

9. What’s your make that you’re proud of?
My Robson Trench

10. What have you learned most from sewing?
Shortcuts rarely are shortcuts. Just follow the instructions already!

11. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Bad music from the 70s/80s… and Hollywood musicals… and America’s Next Top Model… and crap food… and good food…

And as if that weren’t enough about me I now need to come up with 11 more facts.

1. I have one leg shorter than the other

2. I used to manage a pub and my capacity for alcohol was legendary

3. My dad is a morris dancer and I am not embarrassed by it!

4. I can play the flute – but not well

5. I have a deep and abiding lust for Tim Roth

6. I once cut my head open as a direct result of my excitement about fish and chips

7. I have clothes in my wardrobe that I have owned for over 26 years (nothing special or vintage, you understand – just t-shirts and casual tops)

8. I sing to myself much of the time and talk myself through things out loud whilst I am working. This is usually not a problem, as I work from home, but I sometimes find myself  working in a more public arena and forget that I shouldn’t be chatting to myself / burping and farting out loud

9. which reminds me – I still find farting really funny

10. I religiously eat my 7 fruit and veg every day – cheese is a vegetable, right?

11. I love to be in water. Swimming, bathing, floating. I can’t see the sea without getting at least my feet wet, no matter how cold it is

Now the 11 nominations. This is quite hard because a) there are lots of blogs I love, but b) most of them have been nominated for this award at some point. And there is the whole fewer than 100 followers thing…

So in no particular order this is a list of some of my favourite, but possibly lesser known blogs, which might or might not already have a Liebster, and might or might not have over 100 followers, (but all have fewer than 200 – I am just going on Bloglovin’s figures for this.) I won’t offer any further insight. They are blogs about sewing – click on the links to see if you like them too:

Norse Otter
rennous oh glennus
Sew Exhausted
Sew Rachel
Sew Smitten
The Dressmaking Diaries
Lady Sewalot
Every Stitch I Make
Cuckoo Channel
Starcross Sewing
Bon Courage

(I know that is 12, but I suddenly remembered one I wanted to add)

Oh – and I need to come up with 11 questions. (If I have nominated you, please don’t feel obliged to respond – especially if you have already had the award and gone through the process!)

1. Where is your favourite place?

2. If you could have a personal chef or a personal stylist (who could also help out in the sewing room), which would you chose?

3. What is the most inappropriate/ridiculous outfit you have ever worn?

4. What is your favourite movie genre?

5. What is the most you have ever spent on a single piece of fabric (and have you used it yet?)

6. Who is your favourite Doctor Who?

7. Is there anything you would love to make, but just can’t pluck up the courage?

8. Dogs or cats?

9. Which parent or family member are you most like?

10. How many hats do you own?

11. If the world as we know it were to end, do you feel more prepared for a) a zombie apocalypse, b) the Rise of the Machines (bow down to your robot masters!)?

So there you go – thank you again to those who nominated me (check out their blogs, too – they would all have been on my list had they not got to me first!).

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11 Responses to Hello and an award

  1. My Sewing Suite says:

    I enjoyed reading more about you. Thanks for participating.

    • rachsews says:

      And thank you for the nomination! – I am sorry I could not answer your questions, too, but it would’ve become a terribly long post. And i have just noticed that I used one of your questions in my list (and to answer it – both! I have cats at the moment, but think dogs are great!)

  2. smittenness says:

    Aw, thanks for nominating me! I’ll get posting soon. I’m looking forward to reading the other blogs you linked too x

  3. nx44 says:

    Thanks for the nomination too Rachel. I have found a few new blogs from your post and had a chuckle at your comments – I will totally back your claim that cheese is a daily necessity! Like you, I have been pretty tied up with life recently and it makes me feel a bit boring when the only posts I have are about basics. (It feels like you need to come back from a break with a blumin’ 3 piece suit or something to show off!). But who cares right!? It is nice to hear from you whether you have or haven’t got anything to show off.

    • rachsews says:

      I really must start making some basics to write about! I live 80% of the time in jeans, but 80% or what I make is dresses. Must get going on some casual tops!

  4. Sue Pricey Brandom says:

    So, this trip to New York. We oughta have a plan… x

  5. I really loved reading more about you! I really love your Robson Trench. I want to make a Trench of my own. I would have to alter the Robson coat drastically to get it to my liking. I’m not a big fan of double breasted trenches. I would want to have my own garden too. Now, I need to find that green thumb! 😛

  6. nishi says:

    Ooh! I am SO slow! You are so sweet about me and my (slight?!) print obsession (seriously, you made my day!)! Thank you! I really like reading these Liebster things because they confirm how lovely people who sew are (and you are no exception! 🙂 ). I miss gardening so much – if only I lived closer to you, I could come and dig up your garden for you! And it seemed like everyone in my school had a dad who morris danced (did he do the sword/stick thing?). but mine didn’t 😦 – I was always a little jealous! Did you dance around the maypole as a kid? Great fun!

  7. NorseOtter says:

    Thanks so much for the nomination! I blushed when I (belatedly) found out. I’ve followed up here: http://norseotter.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/i-got-nominated-for-liebster.html

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