Sew Grateful projects day

Today is the Sew Grateful projects day, so I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to show a top I made with a beautiful Liberty tana lawn I won in a giveaway.


Way back in October Louise at A Make Parade hosted a giveaway for 1m of tana lawn from Sewbox. I was delighted to win and although I knew from the start what I wanted to make I only actually managed to get around to making it a few days ago. liberty sencha 3

I started with the Colette Sencha pattern and simplified this already easy project in order to squeeze it out of a single metre (I think the pattern calls for nearly 2 yards). I omitted the facings, finishing instead with bias binding. I also did not use the lovely button back, instead cutting the back in a single piece. By cutting on the cross grain I just managed to fit in the two pattern pieces whilst maintaining a reasonable length – luckily the print is not directional, so you cannot tell that I have it sideways, but this did not leave any wiggle room to even attempt to match the pattern at the seams.

liberty sencha 6

Without facings I needed to lower the neck a bit (and also to make sure I could get my head through the hole), for which I used the mathematical formula of just-cut-a-bit-more-off-until-it-looks-about-right. Next time I would probably make the neck a little lower still – or possibly make it a v-neck.

liberty sencha 5

When it came to construction I had 2 fabric pieces, so I could pretty much ignore the instructions. I used the By Hand London Anna technique of hemming the armholes before sewing the side seam, as I have found this a much easier method, especially when using french seams. I could have hand stitched my bias binding in place, but instead I used 2 rows of stitching to secure it – one row of machine stitching is lazy, but 2 is a design feature, right?

liberty sencha 1

Anyway – a lovely simple top to showcase a beautiful fabric. I am very grateful to Louise and Susan at Sewbox for giving me the chance to work with this dream fabric!

And if you fancy sewing with Liberty lawn yourself, pop over to Handmade Jane as the ever generous Susan is offering one of Jane’s readers the chance to win a metre of Liberty fabric today!

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2 Responses to Sew Grateful projects day

  1. macinic says:

    It’s very cute & the style shows of the fabric nicely – I had to laugh – I use the same neckline treatment of just keep trimming, just keep trimming…

  2. My Sewing Suite says:

    Great blouse, great fabric. I have doen similar adjustments when I do not have quite enough fabric. I need more blouse/tops in my wardrobe think that I may sew this one soon.

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