Gold Moss

I finally got around to getting some pics of my skirt. Now they are not great pics. I might have had a glass or two of wine last night, and I might not have been feeling my absolute best, so it might have been a case of ‘let’s just get this over with’

gold_moss_6It is a Grainline Moss made from a gold coated denim I bought at Minerva fabrics. It is a bit of an oddball fabric. For starters it smelled very fishy when I first bought it, but a couple of passes through the washing machine and it lost it’s odour, whilst keeping its colour. it did also retain, though, a plasticky feel and a stiffness not generally lauded in casual attire. (It becomes much more pliable when ironed, but soon hardens again when it cools)

The Moss pattern seems to be universally admired by those who have made it and I am not going to disagree. The instructions are clear and my first fly front zip went in with ease.


Let’s talk fitting, though. I think that the skirt is meant to sit quite low on your hips, and if I wear it low like that it fits quite well. However, I am old and find comfort in pulling my clothing up over my tummy, so next time I make it I will grade the pattern and make the waist somewhat smaller. It would be an easy enough fix on this one – I could replace the waistband and take in the yolk a bit – but I can’t see this skirt making it into high rotation in my wardrobe and this fabric is the very devil to unpick, so that might never happen.


gold_moss_2 gold_moss_1

As it is probably not going to get much use I just pinked the seams – I didn’t want the added bulk of some of the fancier finishes. I have no pictures of this, but the pocket bags are bright pink cotton and the hem is finished with bright pink bias.

So to the big question. Is it fitting for a middle aged woman to go around sporting a gold denim mini skirt? Probably not. Do I care? Not a bit! Despite the poor fit around the waist and the fact it feels like I am wearing a cardboard box there is something about the very fact of a gold denim skirt that I love.


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17 Responses to Gold Moss

  1. Miriana says:

    Nothing wrong with you sporting a gold skirt. In fact, I would encourage you to aim a bit shorter – who wants to get older gracefully?

    • rachsews says:

      I definitely had a bit shorter in mind originally… Will it be too much, do you think, when I make the matching jacket? ( I think we all know the answer there, and the arguments against a gold denim SUIT have nothing to do with age ;-))

  2. anniehanks says:

    I love the skirt but have never encountered a fabric that smells fishy (that itself is fishy 🙂 ). A tad shorter would be graceful.

  3. My Sewing Suite says:

    I think if you feel great in it that is going to be more attractive than wearing something you do not love.You could go shorter easily. Go for it.

  4. nx44 says:

    Tee hee, Tina Turner wears gold leotards and she’s way older than you so I think your not-than-mini skirt is fine! Not sure if it’s just the photos but the metallic looks quite subtle anyway. Looks great on!

    • rachsews says:

      Tina Turner has much better legs than I do! The metallic is quite subtle, so it might not be a grocery skirt, but I am sure I will find a suitable time and place for it.

  5. Maryall says:

    Well, I totally relate to your wanting a piece of clothing to sit on your normal waist. It’s just how we feel comfortable. And although it feels like a cardboard, it really looks great on you, I would buy a skirt like that in a store 🙂 And the Moss skirt is already printed and half-taped since last summer, my fabric is also pre-washed and ready, if I could only find the time to sew it! I have a similar skirt I’ve almost destroyed wearing for more than 6 years now, both in summer and winter – it’s a classic! 🙂
    xxx Mary

    • rachsews says:

      I used to be able to wear things sitting on my hips, but not any more (I think it is that I now have more of a tummy, which just sits over the top of low waistbands!). I was really impressed with how quickly this pattern went together and will definitely be making more Mosses.

  6. Laurie says:

    First off- You are NOT old! Old is like 103! I like the skirt- I think it looks good on you! I can’t see the gold- but I think that ius because it is probably hard to photograph? I like the top you are wearing- did you make that? (I have been a bit out of the loop and find myself a bit behind!)

    • rachsews says:

      The top is not one of mine, but it one I aim to copy as soon as I get the right fabric / work out what the hell is wrong with my serger. (It is one of those things I tried on in a shop as a bit of a joke, as I did not think a lurex batwing top had any place in my wardrobe, but found it was insanely flattering and had to have it!).

  7. vicky sowden says:

    It’s totally ok for you to wear a gold skirt, why not? I’m 41 and regularly can be seen rocking gold skinny jeans. Why should the kids have all the fashion fun?Although they can keep those shiny disco leggings. Check out a blog called ‘Advanced Style’ , those women are an inspiration!

  8. Gjeometry says:

    Front fly, pockets and gold! Nice trifecta! I like the skirt on you, but can also see a higher waisted version as well. And, I know about those devil fabrics that are so hard to stitch rip. I have put many a hole and had to ‘patch’ with interfacing trying to do this, usually with knits though.

  9. hotfire4 says:

    The skirt is look great now go have another glass of wine.

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