(Chinese) New Year resolutions

Well hello!

So – an entire 2 months has passed since I last posted here… which means it is even longer since I actually sewed anything… which means it must be getting on for a quarter of a year since I put needle to fabric!

I have, of course thought about sewing, planned sewing, even – on more than one occasion – dreamed about sewing, but I have just not had the time (or when I have had a free hour I have not had the inclination.)

It has been busy here.

Since the middle of November I have had 2 days off work; one of them was Christmas day and the other was last Saturday when, having just returned from a work-trip to Miami I had a bit of sleep to catch up on (and some shopping to do, but I’ll tell you about that in a minute). And though not every day has been punishing, there have been plenty of 14 – 18 hour sessions in there. It’s not left a lot of time for anything other than trying to scrape together the odd meal and sitting down to the occasional episode of the Vampire Diaries with wicked step-daughter… that’s quality family time right there!

So, as the freelancers creed is never to turn work down, because you don’t know where your next paycheck will be coming from, I am really hoping that we don’t hear from any of our clients now for a couple of weeks… (I know I’ll be regretting saying that if we don’t hear from any of them for a couple of months!) But for now, I have an entire weekend with no work ahead of me!

As I feel that 1st February is probably a bit late to be posting NY resolutions, I’m going to go with Chinese New Year Resolutions



Happy Year of the Horse, everybody!

First of all I really need to get my sewing space sorted. I mentioned this way back at the beginning of December, and 2 months of no housework has definitely not improved the situation. Also, my sewing room is next to the wicked step-daughters bedroom, so it is clearly more convenient to throw wet towels / spare duvets / chair beds used for sleep overs in there rather than walk to the bathroom / spare bedroom to put them away properly. (I am also guilty of having pushed stuff in there recently – I think there might be some Christmas presents that have not yet been properly appreciated, or found their natural homes).

Secondly I want to catch up on some challenges. I am a couple of months behind on the Monthly Stitch challenges and as I had planned makes for both I would like to get them done. I also still have got no further than taping the pattern for the Dakota sew-along, I have fabric and pattern in mind for Jungle January and I am also pairing up with the lovely Laurie of Sew Exhausted for a Sew Bossy challenge about which I am most excited, but have so far been less than productive.

Thirdly I have a growing collection of purchased but unused Craftsy classes. I’d like to get on and follow some of them. One of which will cover my fourth resolution:

Get to know my serger. I have used it, but I have never really learned to use it. But I have purchased Beginner Serging, which would seem to be the way to go.

My fifth resolution is to make some more work-appropriate attire. For 90% of my working life that could mean anything, but for the 10% when I have to go to meetings and meet clients I could do with some more smartish attire suitable for the creative professional…

Sixth: Sewing from my stash – there’s a popular one. I want to make one of those pledges:

I, Rachel of Is It Fitting do solemnly swear to sew at least 5 pieces of stash fabric before purchasing anything new, etc etc…

Erm, yeah… Remember I mentioned having a day off last Saturday? JB wanted to go to Travelling Man in Manchester for some board games (which he collects like I collect fabric), and it turns out that Abakhan is just down the road. It would’ve been rude not to pop in, so I have actually added to my stash by at least 5 pieces before sewing anything. Damn it!

And in at number 7: Get to grips with all of this modern social media business. Yes, Twitter – I’m looking at you!

And finally – design this blog. I won’t say re-design as that would imply I had put some thought into it in the first place. And hell, this shizz is the kind of thing I do for a living… but it’s always the plumber’s house has the leaky tap, right?

I think that will do for now – there are many more things I would like to resolve to do, but I’m pretty sure this will keep me busy enough for now.

Right – I’m off to see if I can forge a path through the flotsam to my sewing machine.

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4 Responses to (Chinese) New Year resolutions

  1. Ali says:

    Nice to have you back! 😃

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Happy Chinese New Year! Good luck with finishing your sewing projects.

  3. Wendy says:

    Lovely to see you again… Same story here, weeks with work without an end in sight, and then a whole week of nothing… I hope you have a slower period so can share some quality time with the wicked step-daughter and your sewing machine and your serger!

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