UFrOcktober take 4

Do you know when you have a project in your mind, and you know exactly how it is going to look and it is going to be the most fabulous thing ever and then you finish it and it is not at all what you pictured and it is all wrong and you just hate it?

Well, this particular UFO turned out to be just about the opposite of that.Simplicity 2219 1Not that it is my favourite thing ever, but you may remember me mentioning  a couple of posts back that I thought I might never get around to finishing Simplicity 2219, having started it a couple of years back.

Simplicity 2219 7The thing is, it was in those days when I was planning on sewing, but had not really got started and I was given the pattern for my birthday. Having read that it was suitable only for knit fabric, I went online and looked for something suitable and not too pricey. Of course when it arrived I realised not too pricey equated to a bit thin and stretchy and difficult to keep on grain. When I cut it out I also realised that such a busy print for a pattern which has 2 front pieces, 2 front side pieces, 2 back side (haha I said backside) pieces and a back piece in addition to big fluttery sleeves was maybe not the ideal choice. Having not sewn with knit fabric before I decided that I was not ready for the challenge and it all got shoved into a bag where it became monstrous in my mind.

Simplicity 2219 5But UFrOcktober came around. It was a frock. It was a UFO. I thought “sod it – it’ll be a horror, but at least it will no longer be a niggle at the back of my mind.” And it turns out I am not horrified!

Simplicity 2219 6So – I am actually pretty impressed with my rookie cutting skills. It is all symmetrical and that centre front is pretty darned neat! I did have to trim a bit off one of the sides of the skirt front to even it up, though, so mine is a bit less gathered there than it should be.

And it all goes together really easily. Colour me surprised, but I thought with 7 bodice pieces plus 7 facing / lining bodice pieces and all of that ruching at the sides (yes, that is ruching, not drag marks) that it would be a complete arse to make, but it has only taken a few hours.

I rather like the style of the dress. I’m a fan of the empire line and in a less clingy fabric it would skim the stomach area nicely, which is never a bad thing in my book. I’m not usually too hot on a fluttery sleeve, as I think they can sometimes bring unwanted attention to an upper arm, but with the length of these ones I find them quite flattering.

Simplicity 2219 3Being a knit there are no fastenings to deal with. It has a bit of elastic in a casing around the waist; I chose to just add this to the back.

Unfortunately when I tried it on before hemming I decided it needed “about that much” taking off the bottom, but instead of marking or measuring I eyeballed where on the pattern of the fabric I needed to cut and then snipped off “about that much plus a couple of inches”, so it is completely unnecessarily shorter than I would have liked.

Never mind, eh. I’ve got another wearable dress, when I really thought it was going to be a baller!

And that’s me done for UFrOcktober. In many ways I am looking forward to starting something from scratch again,  but I have to say it has been a joy not to have to trace and cut for a whole month!

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18 Responses to UFrOcktober take 4

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  2. Great dress. You must feel so proud of yourself for clearing the decks. Well done.

  3. nx44 says:

    The fit is brilliant! I know what you mean about UFOs becoming monstrous. Sometimes I just put something aside because I don’t have the right zip to hand (etc.) but the thought of returning to it seems to get worse and worse. Pretty silly considering how exciting the project is at the beginning!

    • rachsews says:

      Thank you! This one was a real lesson in the pitfalls of Internet fabric shopping. I didn’t really have any idea of the scale of the pattern or the weight of the fabric until I had it and I would probably not have bought it in a shop. I do like it better now it is made up, though.

  4. cathynd95 says:

    Great job! I shy away from knits too…

    • rachsews says:

      I am getting more confident with knits now, but there is such a difference sewing with something relatively stable compared to this very thin and stretchy stuff – I am not sure how it will hold up over time!

  5. Amanda says:

    It fits so well and looks great. I always love those shades together.

  6. prttynpnk says:

    Ok, so I’m looking, I’m covetting, I’m researching the pattern- I have this! Score!

  7. sewexhausted says:

    I think this pattern is super flattering on you! Like prttynpink above I am pretty sure I have this pattern.. (lol) And ordering knits online is TOUGH. I don’t know how many I have ordered that have ended up being thinner that I hoped. Some have had to be made in to something different that the original plan because of the weight! But the fabric store has such a LIMITED selection… Sigh…

    • rachsews says:

      Thanks, Laurie. Knit fabric is hard to come by, I find; I’ll often end up buying whatever I happen to stumble across, as the stuff I really like is crazy pricey!

  8. nishi says:

    I knew it! You put me to shame with all your productivity! And these two dresses (in your previous post) are looking amazing! I think you are a wonderful blogger who takes proper outside pictures and actually posts – I wish I was more like you! Knits are TOUGH and this dress looks incredible! I love the pattern and you totally rock it (as usual!) – I can’t wear knits here because they’re just too clingy, but you’re making me want to! I love the other dress (I think it was Butterick?) and actually bought one very similar in design for a wedding in June (the one I’d planned to wear didn’t survive my old washing machine…!)!

    • rachsews says:

      Ha! Don’t you talk to me about productivity with all your embroidery and knitting and making tops for other people! Thank you, though; but I don’t feel I am such a good blogger! I would love to be one of those people who finds locations for their photo shoots and makes an effort with the pictures, instead of shoving a camera at my other half and forcing him to step outside of the house to take a few snaps (and to be honest if we had decent lighting anywhere in our house I don’t think I would even manage to get him into the garden!)
      I can imagine that knits in singapore would not be the most comfortable thing! I am sure I would spend most of my time in a cotton muumuu if I lived there!

      • nishi says:

        I’m just feeling guilty because I’ve not sewn anything for a week…! Your garden looks pretty exotic from this side of the world and I like seeing all the seasons change in Yorkshire!

        And I don’t have a cotton muumuu, but I do have a very light kimono (we used to live in Japan & it was super cheap!) that I may, ahem, live in… 😉

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