UFrOcktober take 1

Do you like what I’ve done there? I’d been thinking of having a month to tackle some UFOs, and as most of mine seem to be dresses Frocktober seemed to be the perfect month. UFrOcktober? Geddit? (I’ve been waiting an awful long time to get that into writing and I have always liked to labour a pun beyond its natural limits.) Of course I then got side-tracked by a coat I felt the need to finish, but now I am dedicated, DEDICATED I tell you, to getting a few of those UFOs out of the pile of shame and into my wardrobe. First up:

Parrot Elisalex_17Welcome to the jungle. I bet you can’t even see me there, can you? That is because I am wearing an Elisalex made from Rainforest camo fabric  Birds in Paradise fabric.

How long does a project need to go unfinished before it can be considered a UFO? I admit that I was working on this last month, before casting it aside to make my mac, so it feels more of a temporarily postponed object than unfinished…

Parrot Elisalex_14There I am! And though I might look as if I releasing a wedgie whilst waiting for a bus, I’ll have you know I have watched plenty of America’s Next Top Model and what you are looking at there is pure fashion. Other classic poses include:

Parrot Elisalex_18The Marionette with Strings Cut

Parrot Elisalex_10

The Over-Shoulder Flirt

Parrot Elisalex_4

and what I like to call The Serial Killer

Ah, Tyra Banks and the ever-so creepy Nigel Barker would be proud.

Anyway, you’re here about the dress, right? As I said, it is an Elisalex. Now I might have mentioned before my love for this particular number from Roisin, AKA Dolly Clackett. And I tell you, had I been able to find that very fabric at the right price I would’ve made a straight up, no changes, not-even-calling-it-a-tribute-because-it-is-an-out-and-out-rip-off copy of that one. But instead I just became obsessed with finding fabric with birds on. Any fabric with birds on. But I found that on the whole bird print fabric does not fit in with my budget (regular readers will know that I am cheap thrifty when it comes to fabric purchases), so I searched for a while. And then for my birthday aways back in Maytime my good pal Andrea gave me a most generous gift certificate for the Fabric Godmother and after much internal debate (like 2 months of internal debate) I bought myself 3 metres of this subtle number.

Parrot Elisalex_15Anyhow, I made it just like my last one, pretty much as per the instructions in a size 16. I put in an invisible zip instead of the floor to ceiling one recommended by the pattern, shortened it by, I dunno, about a yard, I think (really… how tall are those BHL girls??) and chopped a few inches off the sleeves to make them 3/4 instead of full length. I wish I had spent a bit more time thinking about pattern matching, but whaddayagonnado? I can live with it.

I have to say that working with not-cheap fabric was a dream. It behaved beautifully and did not fray or slip or pull off grain or anything like that. And as the fear of royally cocking up recedes with practice I might start to invest a bit more in my raw materials…

Parrot Elisalex_8So, thanks to Andrea for the gift certificate to buy the fabric, and to Sue and Katy* for the gift certificate to buy the pattern and to the wicked stepdaughter for taking the photos.

But it has been a while since I have asked the question. So, is it fitting that a lady of a certain age should be cavorting around town in a dress covered with parrots? I confess it is a louder print than I usually choose, and am not sure I’ll work up the nerve to wear it in public. Reassurance or revulsion both welcomed in the comments. 😉

* I had also meant to thank Sue and Katy in the Oscar acceptance for my Robson, as they bought me that pattern for my birthday and I would never have been brave enough to buy it for myself; so thanks, girls for giving me that push!

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25 Responses to UFrOcktober take 1

  1. Amanda says:

    Love it! Fabric is gorgeous and I loved the photos!

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  3. hey here’s my theory and i’m sticking to it… if other lovely ladies think I can get away with wearing paisley puff sleeves then you can surely wear this beautiful dress with parrots , : /
    I love it ! everything ! : )

  4. rachsews says:

    Thank you Shelley – and I love your paisley number, too (and agree with Wendy – très Florence!)

  5. Ali says:

    You are so funny!! The pix and the writing!
    I clicked on the link for your dress, and I think you need to get in touch with them and show them yours – your pix and dress is ‘sew’ much better than theirs.
    As for cavorting around town, I don’t think your frock would go down too well in the Accapulco on a Saturday night, but would look great in a more classy joint!

    • rachsews says:

      Cheers Ali. Yeah, if I went to the Acca, I am not sure that my dress would be the thing to make me stand out. Possibly being 25 years older than everybody else there would draw the most stares! It is certainly more of a cocktail frock, though.

  6. sewexhausted says:

    Pretty elisalex… like you I am a THRIFTY fabric shopper- sale or nothing! But a GC seems like the perfect time to spend a little extra! Love the modeling poses! My daughters take pics of me and you should see the things they make me do… Maybe I will post some of those next time- I like your style! ~Laurie

  7. nishi says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! I LOVE the pun! You have so much restraint – I would have had to bust that one out immediately! And as to the dress – it is as fantastic as that pun! (which is to say, awesome!) I don’t think anyone should ever stop wearing parrots on their dresses, but then again, I do have rather a lot of animals on my clothes, so I may be biased…! I’m a bit torn over the Elizalex – I think it looks beautiful on other people (you and Roisin very much included), but I don’t think it’d suit me at all… Hmmmm!

    • rachsews says:

      Most of the time I only amuse myself, so glad to have tickled you, too. At last my comic genius is being recognised! You are the absolute queen of the fauna fabric (as opposed to animal print – that honour must go to Ann at Pretty Grievances). I’d encourage you to try the elisalex – I think I have before!

  8. gingerpetal says:

    I love your photo shoot, I think you’ve got all the top model poses down. And of course it is OK to wear a parrot dress, especially when it looks as good as your dress.

  9. The dress is gorgeous, and your serial killer-look is priceless 😀

  10. Aw wow, this is fabulous! I love this fabric, and I may well have to copy you now!!

  11. Sorry if I’m double posting but I love this! The fabric is really stunning – I may have to get some of my own 🙂

    • rachsews says:

      Thanks Roisin. It is a great fabric and I’d love to see what you did with it (hmmm… a dress, possibly?). I’m sure you’d cut with more care and not end up with one and a half pink parrots too close together and constantly mocking you from your waist seam! (“polly wants a cracker and a half”)

  12. Oh lordy this fabric is AMAZING! And I don’t think you have to worry at all about the lack of pattern matching, it’s pretty impossible to spot!

  13. Stephanie says:

    Love this dress! very colorful! and UFrOctober has got legs, Definitely. We’ll be hearing this all over the blogosphere come next October 😉 Love your pun

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