Robson Trench – days 8 & 9 progress

It’s all about those things that make a trench a trench at the moment. I have been sewing the flaps, attaching the flaps, making the collar, attaching the collar, making the epaulettes, facings, sleeve tabs, sleeves; topstitching all over…

Robson trench day 9_2

Robson trench day 9As you can see, the sleeves might be made, but they are not yet attached.

Though nothing has given me as much trouble as those front seams a few days back, there is a lot of fiddling about and the last couple of days have not been entirely seam-ripper free.

For one thing when I attached front to back facings I used too large a seam allowance (I had a logical reason for doing this at the time), but I did not check if my facing would fit the shell until I had finished binding the whole shebang with bias tape. Doh!

When it came to attaching the facing I had to sew through facing, shell, lining, shoulder flaps and collar, so at the point where seams met – and some of those seams were bound with bias (adding, for a stitch or two an extra 4 layers…) – I was stitching through up to 14 layers of fabric plus three layers of interfacing; can this be right? But, right or not my new machine ran through it like a boss and although there is some bulk behind the collar it still seems to sit OK.

Anyway – I suppose I had better step away from the machine now, as I should be getting ready to go out. I think I might take a needle and thread and some snips with me and start to tidy up the inside a bit whilst I am away. But I just had to fit in a bit of topstitching before I left.



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18 Responses to Robson Trench – days 8 & 9 progress

  1. sewexhausted says:

    It is shaping up nicely! 😀 ~Laurie

  2. Ali says:

    Looking good! 😃

  3. Wendy says:

    14 layers is enormous! Great machine you must have bought!

    • rachsews says:

      Isn’t it a lot? It was only at that point where all seams met, but I am impressed that the machine can go from that to just a couple of layers with minimal protest.

  4. Amanda says:

    Oh it looks fabulous! Love it!

  5. Gjeometry says:

    This trench-coat looks like a lot of work, but it will be so worth it!!

    • rachsews says:

      I hope so. My worry is that my finish will not be up to scratch and I’ll never wear the thing!

      • Gjeometry says:

        Well don’t worry! Have fun sewing it and it’s only fabric so should something go wrong it can be fixed. Of course I should take my own advice as I often stress that I’ll do something wrong and end up procrastinating lol.

  6. wow! so many detils, what patience you have! I tend to…simplify:)

    • rachsews says:

      The details have been the fun bits! I’ve tried to follow the instructions more carefully than I normally do, but I am quite looking forward to making something less complicated when I am done.

      • you’re right, I’ve done that a few times- just follow the instructions, make all the details as described et voilá, something that looks REAL 😀 it has always been fun, and following instructions is soo much easier than making your own…erm…”shortcuts”. Mostly when I sew for someone else, though:)

  7. nishi says:

    Wowsa! This is looking great! 🙂

    • rachsews says:

      Thanks, Nishi, I’m looking forward to getting the sleeves in, but not so much doing all the buttonholes

      • nishi says:

        Gulp! Those buttonholes look like a serious mission! I think I’d have to trick/bribe myself to do them all at once…! I’m sure they’ll look great once they’re done though!

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