Robson Trench – day 7 progress

Well, making a trench coat is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. I did actually do some sewing yesterday, but so little I decided not to post about it…

So today is my 7th day of working on my Robson.

Yesterday I spent quite some time working out how I was going to bind and finish the front-side seams. As they have pockets and pocket welts it is not a straightforward job and the instructions did not quite work for me. Originally my plan was to bind the two sides of the seam separately and this would probably have been the simplest option, but I did not want to topstitch on both sides of the front seam, and I didn’t want to just leave one side of the seam allowance flapping, so I decided to bind either side of the pocket separately and then bind the seams together above and below the pocket. It ended up not being the neatest job in the world, so I only did one seam yesterday and then left it to sleep on in and see if I could come up with a better option. (I should, of course, have just followed Tasia’s instructions instead of going my own merry way, but I did not want to cut into my seam allowance behind the pocket, as my lining fabric unravels if you so much as look at it).

You can just see where the bias does not quite sit flat above and below the pocket

You can just see where the bias does not quite sit flat above and below the pocket

There really are some tricky bits around this pocket. there are parts when you are stitching through pocket layers, shell layers, lining layers, interfaced welts and folded bias all at the same time (at least I found I was – nobody else seems to have had any issues with this, though, so I might just be doing it incorrectly). My machine is not the hardiest in the world and was not entirely happy with what I was putting it through. But it got through it (though it did break a needle in protest at one point).

Anyway, today I decided that though my solution was not perfect, if I attempted to remove all the bias tape to find a neater option I would probably lose the edge of my lining and end up with a bigger mess than I started with, so I just got on and did the other side in the same way.

After topstitching those seams down it started to get considerably easier. I motored through the back seams and bound and topstitched them, sewed and finished my shoulder seams and started on the shoulder flaps. Then I ran out of thread. Just as the market closed. (I knew I was going to run out of thread – I just thought I still had half an hour to get into town!). I was not planning on sewing all night anyway, so it’s no biggie, and I will be able to get some tomorrow and pick up where I left off.

Though it looks the same as a couple of days ago, it now has finished seams instead of just being pinned to my dress form

Though it looks the same as a couple of days ago, it now has finished seams instead of just being pinned to my dress form

I am so happy to have completed the front seams – they really have been a bear to do, and I honestly think that had I not been blogging my progress I would have given up on this earlier today – but again the encouragement I’m getting from you guys got me over the hump. And now I have the added motivator that Amanda has started work on her Robson trench. Good luck Amanda – and just do what Tasia tells you – it’s much easier in the long run!

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2 Responses to Robson Trench – day 7 progress

  1. Wendy says:

    Yeay, front seams finished, Hope everything goes a bit smoother now. I hate stitching through endless layers of fabric, and neither does my machine. I once broke 3 needles on one part of a project…

  2. sewexhausted says:

    I ordered the Robson pattern several months ago and finally found some fabric so I can give it a whirl. Looks like you have been putting in quite a bit of work! ~Laurie

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