Robson Trench – day 5 progress

Today has been all about the pockets. I actually first did my pocket welts a couple of days ago, but found I had difficulty getting the seam allowance correct at the corners, so yesterday I made a simple template and just marked the stitch line on the back of the fabric. Simple.

Robson trench day 4_3 Robson trench day 4_4

Stitched, turned and topstitched they turned out just fine

Robson trench day 4_6but I decided I would prefer them a bit bigger, so made new ones this morning adding a couple of cm to the length.

The rest of today’s sewing was getting the side-front seams sewn, with the pockets in place. It has also involved a lot of unpicking. The pattern instructions for this fairly involved bit of the coat are absolutely brilliant. Any mistakes were entirely user error.

Though my shell fabric is quite thin it is also quite spongey, so unpicking is a thankless task (like it is ever fun!) as the stitching sinks into the fabric. Unpicking on the lining side is no better, as the weave is quite loose and it is very easy to catch the fabric threads instead of the stitching.

I find that if you are spending more time trying to chase decent light with your seam ripper in hand than you are spending sitting at your machine it’s probably best to call it a day.

As I say I did manage to get those princess seams done, but I have not yet finished them on the inside. I am quite excited to see it starting to take shape now

Robson trench day 5_2 Robson trench day 5

Even if it is currently the shape of a sack!

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8 Responses to Robson Trench – day 5 progress

  1. Amanda says:

    Pockets look fab! Well done.

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