Robson Trench – day 4 progress

Oh my, it’s groundhog day here today.

To start let me show you that seam from yesterday in better detail – I just couldn’t capture it in yesterday’s light:

Robson trench day 4_7You remember it? the misaligned plaid? the wonky blue stitching?

Now, it is no secret that my other half is more, shall we say, detail-oriented that I am. We work well as a team (we have a company creating and editing videos, among other things) as I am all about the broad strokes and getting a lot done quickly and he is all about the fine-tuning. So this morning we had the following conversation.

Me: It’s the back seam, so it won’t show when I’m wearing it, but I could have used pink thread there. Do you think I should do it again?

Him: nah – it’s fine as it is.

Me: but you’d probably do it again, wouldn’t you?

Him: Me? God yes! I’d DEFINITELY do it again!

And the thing is I wouldn’t have asked him if I didn’t want him to tell me what I’d already decided. It had to be re-done.

Now, I have loads of the shell fabric (it was a 10m roll – I could recut the whole thing twice more if I needed to), and I have plenty of bias tape, with more on order just in case, but I didn’t have much lining fabric left, so I had to unpick EVERYTHING – the topstitching, the bias and the seam; it took me 1.5 hours just to undo yesterday’s work.

Then I checked and found that if I cut on the warp instead of the weft (or is it the other way around?) I could eke out 2 new lining pieces and sort out that mis-matched mess, too. So I needn’t have unpicked a stitch, as I have not re-used any of the materials!

Robson trench day 4_1Isn’t that better? Aren’t you secretly relieved that I bothered? Didn’t you just ache to say yesterday “JUST REDO IT ALREADY!”, but were too kind? Wanna see a close up?

Robson trench day 4_5Am I glad I went to the effort, even though I am no further on today than I was yesterday? You betcha I’m glad!

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5 Responses to Robson Trench – day 4 progress

  1. Congratulations! It looks great. I am amazed…you managed to align the lining. That’s fabulous. And the bias binding is superb. Now you can even wear it inside out!

  2. Again impressed by the work you take on! and looks great, read all your posts on this in a flow today, eagerly awaiting the continuation!

  3. Amanda says:

    I was impressed with the first seam, but have to admit it looks so much more professional now! Well done! It was worth it!

  4. Wendyp says:

    Congratulations! Great matching! Looking forward to the next progress post

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