Robson trench – day 2 progress

Well, today’s image is quite similar to yesterday’s:

Robson trench day 2All I have achieved today is cutting out and applying interfacing and basting my underlining pieces to my shell fabric pieces.

I say all, but I have been working on it, off and on, all day. I really don’t know how much time I have spent on it in total – probably another 4-5 hours? (which seems a lot, but there has also been a lot of ironing and test stitching going on)

When I decided that I was going to go the extra mile and underline my coat I, of course, had a look around to see who had already posted about this, to see if I could pick up any tips.

I first found Curious Kiwi, Mel’s gorgeous wool version. Now Mel bravely jumped in and didn’t baste the underlining to the shell before sewing. This of course appealed to me, as I am a lazy git (she is as pure as the cold driven snow), but Lladybird, Lauren reckoned it was a vital stage, so in the interest of making this as well as I can I decided not to omit this step.

And I am glad I didn’t. If you read yesterday’s post you will probably have sussed that my interlining fabric was not cut with exacting precision, so the edges of my two fabrics do not entirely match. Having basted them I know that they lie flat against each other and I will ignore the lining and just match the shell fabric edges when I sew it all together.

I did my basting by hand; because of my sloppy cutting I decided that the best thing was to sit at my dining room table with the pieces flat atop one another, lined up as well as possible and just go for it, so I popped radio 4 on for company, gathered up all of the end of spool threads I could find and set to.

Anyway – these are just meant to be quick update posts to gee myself along (it is working so far; I would have left some of my basting until tomorrow had I not been writing up my progress…), so I will stop my nattering and go and do something useful – like pour myself a glass of wine.

Happy Sunday, folks!

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5 Responses to Robson trench – day 2 progress

  1. Amanda says:

    I am enjoying following your progress. It is going well for you I think!
    I have everything I need to make a lace Trenchcoat but am scared to take that first step….. And lacking the time I reckon!! Keep posting!

    • rachsews says:

      Thanks, Amanda. I think I could easily have put off starting this for another couple of years because of the fear! I am envious that you’ll be making yours in lace – that will look amazing.

      • Amanda says:

        I copied the idea from the Sew Convert! Hers is absolutely fabulous! I re blogged a dress she did on my blog if you don’t know of her.She is my inspiration! I have bought brown cotton and brown lace to go over the top. I really want to make it, but like you…….dare not even start! Material is hung over my Body, patterns cut out and ironed! And that’s as far as I got!
        You are now my inspiration …. No pressure! Lol

  2. Rachel, it´s so refreshing to read that working through this project does take you time. I often wonder if I am the only one out there who takes so long to finish projects. I believe it´s a good idea to hand-baste. When you need to control your fabric I find it a much better option. What seems like an extra step now will pay off in the long run. Can´t wait to read about your next episode!

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