Robson Trench – day 1 progress

Day 1 in the Robson trench coat house…

Robson trench day 1

So, today I have got as far as cutting out my pattern and fabric. as you can see I decided to go with the check lining (though Sylvia of the Sewing Princess liked the other print, she suggested I check it was not too stiff compared to my shell fabric and with that in mind I decided that this one had a much more similar drape). I have yet to cut my interlining, but it has taken me about 4 hours to get this far, so I’m calling it a day.

I would normally trace any independent pattern, but just cut straight into this one, figuring that a coat is fairly forgiving when it comes to fit (it always depends on how many layers you have underneath, anyway, right?) and that I would rather save myself the tracing time.

So riddle me this; I have a fabric with a regular square check pattern. My check is lined up perfectly at selvedges and at top and bottom edge and my fold goes straight along a line. How come when I cut out my pattern pieces none of those little squares line up anymore? I really tried with this one; on my upper layer my notches were lined up with military precision, but somehow my lower layer shifted (while pretending to be straight by remaining perfectly in line at all visible edges) so I fear my lining will end up with mis-matched plaid! Probably a good thing I’m not making it into a dress.

Anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting episode…

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5 Responses to Robson Trench – day 1 progress

  1. sewbusylizzy says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your coat take shape, it’s on my sewing list but it’s going to take a while to get there.

  2. That’s great you already cut out all pattern pieces. 4 hours is not bad at all. I can never get anything done unless I spend a considerable amount of time. On tasia’s blog you can find a tut on lining up checkered fabric. Unfortunately fabric can shift or be slightly off grain. Pinning can help you prevent that… Though it will take extra time. Since it’s for the lining don’t worry too much… Call it a design feature 😉

    • rachsews says:

      I’d also recently read Sunni (A Fashionable Stitch)’s posts on working with plaid… but I just ignored all that and steamed ahead. I will be able to live with it, as it is the lining, but will definitely need to take more care if I ever use plaid as my shell fabric!

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