The Last Swallows of Summer Sencha

Well, this blouse has been a long time coming.

Sencha_Swallows11 Sencha_Swallows7 Sencha_Swallows8

It’s a Colette Sencha and I must have started it getting on for 2 years ago. For a long time it sat around as a UFO (all done but for the hem) and then earlier this year it became a CFO (Crappily finished object).

One of the main problems with it was that I made it a size or so too large – and I have lost some weight since I first cut it out…

sencha_before_pics2 sencha_before_pics3

This is what it looked like before today’s surgery.

However, even without the size problem I had never really been satisfied with the way it had gone together. It is made out of some kind of slippery viscose (?) which frays (and slides) like buggery. I’d used french seams, and when it came to those armholes I could not work out what to do – you have that side seam which doubles back on itself and I could not see how to tuck it all in neatly.


And this is how the bottom of my armhole looked earlier today, which is why although finished this blouse had never really felt done.

So, when I made my first Anna earlier this year and was constructing a similar kimono sleeve on a french-seamed bodice it was a real lightbulb moment when I got to the instruction to finish the armhole before the side seam (followed by a swift self-kicking moment for not realising this sooner).

So, the time had come to unpick and re-sew. I took about 4 inches off the sides and now, with neater pits, it is at last a wearable item. And I couldn’t be more pleased about that.

Sencha_Swallows3 Sencha_Swallows2 Sencha_Swallows


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9 Responses to The Last Swallows of Summer Sencha

  1. Gjeometry says:

    It’s a lovely blouse! I don’t think that type of blouse has to be too fitted to look good. But, your after-picking (?) resulted in a very nicely fitting blouse! And, I LOVE your fabric! I used this same fabric, but in a blue as contrast on a Great Gatsby 1920s/30s style Beach Pajamas that I sewed a little while ago.

    • rachsews says:

      Thank you – I agree that this style does not need (or want) to be too fitted. As I just took a bit off the sides of this one I think I have changed the proportions slightly (it probably blouses more in the front than is intended…) but I am happy with the way it looks.

  2. nishi says:

    It was definitely worth re-fitting it! I love the print, but that fabric does look an absolute nightmare to work with… I would have given up completely! Hurray for you and your awesome skills! Great shoes too!

  3. Wendyp says:

    That fabric has a really nice print! Too bad it didn’t behave so well.
    The top looks a whole lot better after the re-fitting! Lovely!

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