Beware my Deadly Flashing Blade

So this has to be my favourite Anna  so far:

By Hand London Anna - Eyelet19

Well, clearly not my favourite of all the Anna’s in the world. I have said before how smitten I am with all of Sewbusylizzie’s makes, especially this one, and Nishi has been busy making this adorable deer print number and this fabulous tropical print beauty. And how can I even put it in the same category as the silk smackdown between Lauren, Sonja and Oona?

But of the Anna’s I have made so far it is in the number one slot.

By Hand London Anna - Eyelet14 By Hand London Anna - Eyelet11 By Hand London Anna - Eyelet8

Part of the appeal is that it is a season-bridging frock, and as the UK went overnight from Summer to Autumn this is very fitting. Yesterday I’d have been showing it with a bare leg (or two – I love the singularisation of something that is generally referred to as a pair… “to finish off the outfit she wore a gold pump” “a wide legged trouser is flattering on most shapes”… always makes me smirk), but today the trusty opaque tights were unearthed (“an opaque tight is a vital addition to any autumn wardrobe”).

And yes – I am sure you are excited to spot that I am wielding an Obi-Wan light sabre umbrella:

By Hand London Anna - Eyelet12

Anyhow – what is there to say about putting together an Anna that has not already been said? I just pinked the shoulder seams, to eliminate excess bulk where the facings went in, but I frenched the skirt seams (which I managed to balls up quite comprehensively; for some reason if my fabric does not have an obvious right and wrong side I have a real problem working out which way to sew French seams … I even talked out loud to myself – as that always helps – but I still wound up sewing front to back incorrectly, so my side seams were on the outside of the dress and one of my army of quick-unpics had to be commandeered…)

By Hand London Anna - Eyelet17 By Hand London Anna - Eyelet10 By Hand London Anna - Eyelet7

It was my first time sewing with eyelet, so that was fun as the embroidery kept sending my needle off in every direction. I finished the hem with a bias binding, so I would only need to turn it once. I also managed to take in the back seam a bit too much by turning it first and then using the full seam allowance when I added my zipper. I’ve only lost about a cm of ease, but it is a cm I could do with at the moment, having recently eaten all the pies.

Initially my thought was to underline the eyelet and was thinking of using a bright colour, but then I decided that it would be better to make a brightly coloured slip or two, so then I can have whatever colour I fancy that day peeping through all those little holes. And that is the reason for the pink slip I mentioned yesterday.

By Hand London Anna - Eyelet2

This fabric does pick up really badly… I think I probably have cat hairs sewn into the seams… but I clearly need a stylist as well as a photographer, as the reluctant JB did not point out either the fluff or wrinkles as he snapped these pics.

By Hand London Anna - Eyelet3 By Hand London Anna - Eyelet1 By Hand London Anna - Eyelet5

So – another Anna finished. I have the fabric for many more, but think I might tackle something else before I make another one.

Things I have under consideration at the moment (and have all necessary supplies for):

Robson Trench – might be a bit ambitious, but I’m kind of itching to give it a go

Trousers; either Thurlow or Simplicity 3688 – I’ve never made trousers before, but have many patterns to try

Or a Rooibos in a rose print – this is a pattern I have made before, and have been planning to make again in a fabric I was given over two years ago… I am longing to be able to show the gift-giver that I have finally used it!

(I actually have about a squillion other things under consideration, but these three are currently topping my list)

What do you think I should go for?

(and the Deadly Flashing Blade? Ever since starting on this dress I have been unable to get the theme song to Blackadder out of my head…)

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16 Responses to Beware my Deadly Flashing Blade

  1. gingermakes says:

    Oooh, this is so cute! I love the pink peeking out through the eyelet!

  2. nishi says:

    I think this is the first seasonally suited Anna I’ve seen! I love the fabric and it really really looks great on you! I think I’d freeze in my Annas in the UK! 😔 Maybe I should make some woolly ones for when I’m next home? Great umbrella (and I love your acer tree – it is an acer behind you, isn’t it?) – you look so cool!

    • rachsews says:

      Hi Nishi – thank you! I thought it was about time I had an Anna I could wear with tights and a cardi. The umbrella is so geeky, isn’t it – I love it!
      (and it’s actually bamboo behind me, but it does look like an acer in these pics – I’d never noticed that)

      • nishi says:

        I think your umbrella is AWESOME! I will be keeping an eye out for a similar one here, especially as the rainy season has just started (any excuse!)! The pink slip beneath the Anna really is a neat idea – I would probably die from hear exhaustion if I tried the same here – but I think it’s perfect for the UK! Is it starting to get very cold? I really do miss seasons 😔 PS That’s some very pretty bamboo you have! I once went to a bamboo forest and it makes the best swishy noises in the wind!

      • rachsews says:

        I guess layering is the last thing you want over there! It’s not too cold here yet, though it is getting there, and it is still really changeable (Thursday was glorious, yesterday was miserable and wet and today started off well, but is rapidly going downhill – I think I’d miss seasons, too, but it would be nice to be able to put on an outfit in the morning and it still be weather-appropriate by lunchtime!)

      • nishi says:

        I remember the constant changes well! I actually still carry a cardigan about with me “just in case” so I think it may be hardwired… Autumn is such a beautiful season in the UK, I think I’m going to be living it vicariously through sewist’s outside photos!

  3. Gjeometry says:

    Beautiful!! This Anna looks so smart in black. And, LOVE your umbrella (light saber!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I love the eyelet fabric. And, I think it’s much smarter to make a separate slip than to permanently line it. That’s what I did with my 1920s style drop waist dress ( ). Than you can wear the slip with anything and change up the underneath colour!

  4. Eva says:

    I love your Anna version. The fabric is great for autumn.

  5. smittenness says:

    Lovely, perfect mid season dress. I’ve been looking longingly at some black eyelet fabric I purchased ages ago and cursing it because I can’t commit to a colour for the lining but a slip is a genius idea! I had to laugh at the “talking to myself” while French seaming, I have to do this too and still end up doing it wrong, unpicking, swearing, giving up for few months etc.

  6. I love the dress on you. The pink slip is a great subtle detail. Nice shoes too BTW

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  8. Beautiful dress. I love the idea of different colour slips underneath- neat idea. I talk to myself while sewing to!

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