Given my pink slip

…well, I’ve not been given it – I’ve made it.

pink slip

It’s a shocking pink and an equally shocking piece of work. Truly it is. A shoddy hack of a project in which I take no pride, but which I had to post because it’s a pink slip, which is a self-writing post title, really.

Of course, being a Brit the phrase pink slip only means something to me because I watch way too much TV and lots of it is American… somewhere along the line it has slipped into my consciousness that a pink slip refers to a notice of employment termination. The UK equivalent would be to call it my P45 petticoat, I guess.  (Although a pink slip, I believe can also refer to a vehicle registration document… THAT one I know from watching Grease; and in that case I would have to call it my V5C vest.)

It is a test piece for something I’ll be making later in the month, so I’ll blog about it properly then. For now I’ll just say it’s from a vintage Simplicity pattern.

I wanted it to be pink – which it definitely is, and I wanted it to be wearable – which it just about is… I’ll tell you why in my next post.

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4 Responses to Given my pink slip

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