The hips do lie Elisalex

Yup – I gone and done it and made myself an Elisalex

elisalex_3 elisalex_5 elisalex_1

When I first came across this pattern my feelings were pretty similar to Heather Lou’s over at Closet Case Files – I thought it looked great on the site, but I am by no means insubstantial in the hip area and was not sure that I wanted to exaggerate my lower half with this silhouette.

But then I started to see more and more of them around and inevitably I stumbled across Roisin at Dolly Clackett. I am not sure which of her versions I saw first, but it was this one which made me realise that the pattern must be mine. (It also started a bit of an obsession with bird print fabric, but that is for another post.)

elisalex_9 elisalex_13

The more versions I was the more I realised that this shape is actually really flattering and somehow hip-minimising!

As ever, this being a first version I just made it straight from the pattern in an inexpensive fabric. I love this print and I have it in other colourways, but I found this one with the black background in the Abakhan online clearance section where they had it priced at £1.36/m or something equally random. (This is the only time I have found a nice crisp cotton at that price, despite lurking the Abakhan clearance section ever since).

The dress is a pretty good fit without any alteration. The bodice is a little large (I made a UK 16), but only the kind of large that a few days of deep dish Domino’s would make snug. I kept most of the length on the skirt – still can’t decide if I would rather lose a few more inches…


Attack of the ten foot woman!

I used a black poplin to line the bodice and finished the seams with bias binding:

Elisalex inside1 Elisalex inside 2

I went with the bias finish, as the fabric was a little drapey and I wanted to add some structure to the skirt. However, with the exaggerated tulip shape it can look a little jodhpury, if I am not careful (I was trying to show that here, hence the goofy face).

elisalex_16 elisalex_14

I will, of course be making more of these, because it is the law. I already have the fabric for 3 others – I just need to decide which will have sleeves.

Anyroadup, I am sure you are wondering how I got on in the garden yesterday; I am afraid to say that there is still some work to be done, but at least we are no longer in danger of losing small children in the grass, and people can safely deliver parcels without fear of becoming ensnared in brambles on the way up the path.

IMG_0128 IMG_0127

I have a couple of bags of waste to take to the tip


But I am happy to say that it IS too wet for me to do any work today, so I am free to get on with my Cape challenge. Yays!

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6 Responses to The hips do lie Elisalex

  1. what a pretty dress! good job!

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