Here’s one I made earlier – the Rooibos muslin

I don’t really like to call these pattern tryouts “muslins”. As I said with my Bedsheet Hawthorne, I tend to try out a new-to-me pattern in a cheap fabric, but I just make it up straight from the pattern and then decide if I need to make changes when I use a more expensive fabric. But “wearable muslin” is a serviceable, if rather oxymoronic phrase, so I’ll stick with that, shall I? (See what Ann of Gorgeous fabrics had to say on the subject, if you want to understand my reluctance to use those words).

Anyhoo, as the post title suggests, this is not a new make. It’s one I did last Summer, but I was wearing it the other day, so I got JB to snap some pics.

Colette Rooibos 8 Colette Rooibos 7 Colette Rooibos 4

It is the Colette Rooibos pattern, which I made in a size 12 (I think). It is made from a weird (I seem to specialise in mystery fabrics), slightly stretchy canvas type affair, which is really way too heavy for the pattern, but is covered in the most adorable little daisies.

Rooibos fabric

It was part of the great birthday fabric haul of 2012; it has become a tradition (3 years is enough to establish tradition, right?) that my birthday treat is to go to a fabric store and spend as long as I like in there (and as much money as I see fitting). 2012 saw a visit to a shop in Bradford which I had found on line advertising “everything downstairs 99p a metre”; A lot of what I ended up with was to make costumes for JB and the wicked stepdaughter, but I managed to spend about £80 that day. Three black sacks of fabric. Joy.

Colette Rooibos 5   Colette Rooibos 6  Colette Rooibos 3

The contrast facing (which you can see peeking out in that back shot – must put a stitch in that) is made from the scrap I trimmed from the bottom of the ikea curtain in my sewing room (sidebar: those curtains have hung there for 3 years and have NEVER BEEN HEMMED; My mother, who made many, many clothes when I was young had curtains in her bedroom which were pinned up for years – she may even have replaced them before she actually finished them. Why are we so reluctant to take the 10 minutes out of our lives to sew a straight line on a pair of curtains?)

But, back to the frock; As the fabric I used for this one had a bit of stretch, and as it is a bit large on me anyway I omitted the side zipper and it just pops on straight over my head. When I make it again (and I will – I have the fabric I want to use, I just can’t find the correct contrast facing) I will make it a size smaller and put the zip in.

Colette Rooibos 2 Colette Rooibos 1

Yeah – not sure what is happening with my face in these 2…

Anyway – another great pattern and one I look forward to making again – when I find that elusive contrast fabric.

And to end, here’s Poppy chillin’ in my sewing room

Poppy and Jan

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