A Happy Accident – The Turquoise Anna

I made another By Hand London Anna dress.

BHL Anna blue 9 BHL Anna blue 2 BHL Anna blue 5

So why the happy accident?

Well, my original plan for this dress was to make it all in the turquoise crinkle cotton and dip dye it so it was not just a monochrome column. So, I checked that I had enough fabric and started cutting.

Unfortunately my method of checking I had enough fabric did not involve laying all the pieces out at once; I cut the first skirt pieces, shifted my fabric along my cutting (AKA Dining Room) table, cut the next pieces and then… I’m sure you can guess what happened when it came to the bodice.

BHL Anna blue 7 BHL Anna blue 8 BHL Anna blue 1

So there I was with about a mile of turquoise crinkle cotton cut into skirt panels and no top, so I rooted through my stash and found this poly cotton print I had purchased to make something for my niece and the Happy Accident came about.

Now, it’s not so much that I really love this version; I do love the style and the skirt part, and it’ll certainly get some wear, but to me honest I’m a bit “meh” about the print – not to mention gutted, as my dip-dye version would have been awesome! Honestly – it would have been the best. Songs would have been sung about it, poetry written for it. People would’ve stopped me in the street for my autograph (Hey – you should see all the other spectacular things I have never made!) What I am pleased about, though, is that I had not thought of mixing fabrics for this dress and now really want to try some other combos. Would it not look great all in black with a satiny top and a floaty, chiffony skirt? You know it would.

Once again I made it in size 16, but this time the stability of the fabric meant I did not loose precious ease in my french seams, as I did last time.

I made the skirt split a bit lower than the pattern indicated – my thighs not being my finest asset – but I might just get the seam ripper out and make it a wee bit higher.

BHL Anna blue 6 BHL Anna blue 4 BHL Anna blue 3

To finish the split seam, I machine stitched a standard seam from the top to the start of the split, and then machine basted the split closed. I just turned both seams back on themselves and topstitched them down. (I love to say it’s topstitching – it’s a design feature – not that I am too lazy to hand stitch!)

I started this dress a couple of days ago, but had to have a day’s hiatus as the amount of ironing involved in french seams meant my crinkle cotton had been flattened. Once the skirt was sewn up the waistline had increased by about 2 inches, so I had to wash and re-crinkle it before I could fit it to the bodice.

BHL Anna progress


You can see in the pictures where the hem has been ironed. I “topstitched” that, too, but might go back and hand stitch it instead. I’ll see how it looks when it has been washed and re-crinkled.

So, I have still not made one I am completely happy with, but my love for this pattern is not diminished. And next time I will get it ALL right.

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4 Responses to A Happy Accident – The Turquoise Anna

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  2. sewexhausted says:

    I really like this two toned Anna… I think it turned out really well! ~Laurie

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