the Bedsheet Hawthorn

So, along with (it would seem) much of the sewing world I was excited earlier this year when Colette patterns brought out the new Hawthorn dress pattern.

Unlike much of the sewing world, I did not manage to get one finished in time to enter the sewalong competition… Well, actually I did, as this muslin was finished before the end of July, but I did not get around to photographing it until today (and having looked at the calibre of the competition I did not feel the need to rush to get my pics entered – did you all see the winners?)

Anyway, as is my wont I decided to make up a first “see how it looks” version, using a duvet cover I’d picked up in one of the local charity shops for a couple of quid.

Hawthorne bedsheet 2 Hawthorne bedsheet 3 Hawthorne bedsheet 6

So maybe I should’ve ironed this before taking pics.

I’d hung the bedding up in my room the night before I started this dress, along with another fabric option, to see which I like the look of most and although this was the winner I honestly could not imagine it looking like anything but a dress made from a duvet cover once I’d finished, but truth is I really like the finished product.

I made it in a size 12, but I shaved a cm or two off each side seam when I put it all together. This made for some slight fitting issues around the armholes.

Hawthorne sheetdress 1 Hawthorne bedsheet 10 Hawthorne bedsheet 8

You can see it gapes a little around the lower edge.

Overall, though, I am happy with the fit of this and think that it is wearable.

It went together pretty quickly and easily. The instructions, as with all Colette patterns, were easy to follow. To finish I just serged my insides (french seams are for fancier fabrics than a second hand sheet!) and machined my hem.

I’ll certainly be making this pattern up again – I have some chambray, so I could do a copy of one of the Colette versions, or I’m wondering if I want to get into the pattern matching hell that is gingham.

As for the age old question; Does this cute little flower-sprigged shirtwaister belong on the blushing ingenue in a ’50s screwball comedy, or is it fitting that it should be worn by a middle aged mama from Yorkshire?

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3 Responses to the Bedsheet Hawthorn

  1. I’ve got a floral duvet from a thrift shop in my stash waiting to be a dress too…:)
    and, by gosh! wear it! you look fab in it!

  2. rachsews says:

    Thank you so much. Do you have a pattern in mind for your floral duvet? I’ve a couple more waiting to be made up, too…

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