What’s in a name?

The title of this blog covers a couple of issues.

Firstly – does this thing I have put time and effort into creating actually fit me? Because I keep reading that fit is one of the key reasons many people turn to home sewing rather than purchasing RTW.

Sadly I am crap at fitting; I have plenty of books on the subject, and I have read many articles and posts about it, but I think I am just a bit too lazy to do it properly. I will often (well, often might be a bit of an overstatement for someone whose rate of garment production is around 1 item every three months…) either make a muslin, or at least a “first attempt in a 2nd hand sheet or other cheap fabric” to check out how a pattern fits, but I don’t quite manage to do all of that working out what’s wrong, marking up the muslin, transferring markings to pattern etc business that should come next. I might decide it is too small and to make a larger size when I use my more expensive fabric, or that it just need a little bit taking off the hips, but I just won’t do it properly…

So if you ask the question “does it fit” of most of my me-made creations, the answer will probably be ‘nyeah’.

the second thing covered by the blog title though is the much more subjective “Is it really fitting that a woman of my age / in my position should be wearing that?” (in my position makes it sound as if I am high up in the government or something – I’m not!) …I don’t feel I have yet made anything that is wildly inappropriate, but I just feel I might one day. I have – as I am sure many people do – sudden obsessions (few of which are ever realised), when I think I just MUST have a flouncy sundress covered in sailboats, or a shiny snake print shirtdress, or anything made with a Lisette pattern. And just sometimes I have to wonder if the object of my desire would really fit with my lifestyle. And age. So I might sometimes just have a little poll with some of my me-made items. Is it really fitting?

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