the First Post

So, I’m starting a blog. Which will mainly be about sewing. Probably.

I am one of those (and I know there are many of us) who spends much more time reading about sewing on other people’s blogs than actually sewing. If I just got on with the sewing bit I’d probably be much better at it by now, with a wardrobe full of lovely me-made things I wear, instead of just a handful of things I hardly wear because I am not quite happy with them.

So, why start a blog, which will use up even more time which could be spent sewing?

Well – I am hoping that getting a bit more actively involved in the online sewing community (rather than just sitting on the sidelines watching) might encourage me to up my productivity a bit. On that front I have just signed up with The Monthly Stitch, which will hopefully mean I create at least one garment a month, and I know from following the Sew Weekly that sometimes you want to see what else one of the participants has created.

Anyway – I now need to go and get some photos taken, work out how to add pictures and links to this blog and hell, maybe I’ll make something…


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