In which I actually post a picture – a Tale of Two Laurels

The first self-stitched garments I am going to share on this blog are a couple of Colette Laurels and are the only garments I have photos of (like the rest of the sewing world I was tempted by the fabulous competition earlier this year and though I realised as soon as I saw what others were creating that I had no chance I still thought I would get the photos out there).

So the first one is a bit of a fail in my opinion (I think everybody likes to see other people’s failures just a little bit…)

Colette Laurel_Hospital gown

The fabric is a leafy print cotton I picked up on Jo-Ann’s on a trip to the USA and Canada a couple of years ago. The reason I think this is a fail is that it reminds me too much of a hospital gown. I think it is the colour, and the plain bias binding combined with the inherent “casual fit” (shapelessness) of the pattern. Plus it is a smidge tight across the boobage.

Looking at this picture, though, I am beginning to see how it could be salvaged… I’m thinking a bit of an empire line seam and a bit more volume in the lower half… I might see what I can do with it.

But, I much prefer my second version:

Colette Laurel_Marmite dress Colette Laurel_Marmite dress2

Though cut in the same size this one seems to fit me much better. It is made from a Dutch Java print I picked up on ebay and somehow reminds me of a jar of Marmite


Must be the colours, I guess.

Anyway, as i was saying, I much prefer this version. I had to add a horizontal seam across the back to get the pattern to match up at the sides, and then I ended up taking a couple of inches off the sides from the hips down, so my matched pattern no longer did, but it is a wearable garment (I think).

I left the zip out of both versions – they didn’t seem to need it.

I do love this pattern, and have seen some very cute versions out there, but for such a simple shape it gave me a lot of fitting issues. I found it particularly strange how roomy is was in the hips, as Colette patterns are designed with the bigger bust in mind. Nobody has ever described me as top heavy, but I was finding it all a bit tight up there with room for two of me down below. Still, as it is a simple shape it is reasonably simple to alter and I do already have plans for a couple more Laurels.

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